Volvo Ocean 60

Volvo Ocean 60 (VO60) was the forerunner to the current class of racing designed for the Volvo Ocean Race, the Volvo Open 70.

VO60 class were created in early 1990’s at the famous Bruce Farr’s studio with a clear idea: to combine speed and durability without making compromises, in other words to make a light but firm boat that would measure up to any ordeals one might come across during the most famous and the most difficult regatta in the world – the Volvo Ocean Race. These highly sophisticated sailing machines weigh only 13.5 tons, with a draft of almost 4 meters, sail surface area of 417m2 and a water ballast of 2.5 tons, achieving speeds of over 30 knots, and truly representing the sea equivalent to Formula 1.


Volvo Ocean 60 (Pleomax)
Overall Length: 19.5m (64ft) 
Beam: 5.25m (17ft)
Draft: 3.75m (12ft)
Mast Height: 26m (85ft)
Displacement: 13,500Kg